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GMEC Solutions now CP7 Gas Safety Inspection Certified

Date Added: January 07, 2022

GMEC Solutions now CP7 Gas Safety Inspection Certified

Continuing the ingrained philosphy of the business, the senior management of GMEC Solutions have continued their mantra of continuous improvement and in-house skill and service development.

GMEC Solutions engineers now have Awarded by EAL, Nationally Accredited Level 3 Qualification for CP7 Oxy/Fuel Gas Equipment Inspection. The Level 3 Qualification is the the highest level of achievement available for compressed gas safety training in the UK

It is a legal requirement to ensure that gas equipment used in the workplace is in a safe condition, well maintained and inspected regularly where required. As an employer or person of responsibility, it is vital that you understand the obligations you have and how to comply with them.

A gas equipment inspection from GMEC Solutions is an easy and cost-effective way to ensure the safety of your people and your premises.

What does the inspection involve?

Our EAL accredited Level 3 trained and qualified inspectors will visit your premises and, in around 60mins (per set), will carry out rigorous checks on the condition of your gas equipment, including a visual and function check of your regulators, flashback arrestors, hoses and blowpipes, your working area and your storage facilities. Our inspectors carry a full range of replacement parts with them, should your equipment be found unsafe to use.

When finished, they’ll supply a Report of Thorough Examination, which provides written evidence that you are proactively following Health, Safety and Environmental requirements and PUWER to ensure maintenance and inspection of equipment and will issue a certificate of inspection. They can also provide advice on the handling, storage and transport of your gas cylinders and equipment.

Please contact us using the booking enquiry and let us be Your Pocket Engineer® and help you ensure safety and compliance.

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