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They made it to the Top of Africa

Date Added: October 29, 2022

They made it to the Top of Africa

A week ago,  Kim and I met some of the most amazing people and as a team we all summitted Kilimanjaro - All 5895 metres of it!

It is one of the most amazing experiences that we have both ever had. We completely lucked out with our team. They are the most incredible humans that we hope will be lifelong friends. They made the experience so much fun and it could've been a completely different week without them. I could never explain to you how hard it was, how fun it was, how challenging it was, how bloody cold it was! All I can say is that without the support of everyone we know, we would have found it so much more difficult. All the messages left for us, friends who messaged while we were away, knowing we wouldn't have much reception but would get your well wishes at some point. That meant everything to us!

So really this is a message of thank you. To our lovely families, who kept us going throughout and supported us from the word go. To our friends who sent messages and wished us well. To absolutely every one of you wonderful people who have donated to Velindre and helped us with our justgiving page. It is incredibly humbling to know we have raised this money for them and know it will be very appreciated.

Thinking back to last week, I can't believe what we have done! We stood on top of Africa together! Makes me think we can do anything 💛

So a massive thank you to you all!

Hakuna Matata 💛💛

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